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We compare Intel integrated graphics with entry-level current AMD & nVidia discrete graphics cards. Can $99 buy you significant performance over Intel graphics in your existing desktop PC? Is it a better bet than upgrading your CPU or motherboard?

We take a look at common problems with motherboard manuals and how they can be easily improved by manufacturers.

A discussion of PC CPU cooling philsophy, air vs. water, closed-loop vs. open loop.

This unusual Bluetooth headset by LG includes speakers for an interesting ambient soundfield that's great for running or cycling among other activities.

In this extra-technical GadgetBlues video, KC examines how the Intel 200-series Platform Controller Hub uses its flexible I/O feature to allocate resources between PCI Express lanes, SATA ports, USB3 ports, and network ports.

Intel recently announced their Optane technology, calling it revolutionary. Is it really, or is it evolutionary? KC explains Optane, its history and application to today's PCs, desktop and notebook. Is Optane for enthusiasts or for the low end?

Do you hate using In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) for workouts? Are they a pain in the ears? Well, we've got a selection of great clip-on headphones that are perfect to get that musical motivation going for you.

We do a reality check on the Samsung 960 Pro 2TB version compared to its pre-release sample benchmarks. Did the early reviews capture its true performance?

KC explores premium tools for assembling and maintaining enthusiast gaming & workstation PCs. There is also a cat.

A tech focused overview of Shimano Di2 electronic road bike drivetrain, including a full derailleur teardown in 4K.

We look at the Netatmo Welcome Wi-Fi surveillance camera with face recognition capabilities. Is it on the nose, or does it fall on its face?

It's tough to find a keyboard-video-mouse switch (KVM) that works with the latest 4K and high-refresh gaming monitors. This Tripp Lite unit really does the job!

We tackle hairy gadget problems with an overview of the best in personal grooming tech, including razors, multi-groomers and bodygroomers.

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